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Exhibiting Artist Info, The Oldfield Art Show

Exhibiting Artist Information

Gallery Submission

Auction Submission

We have changed the submission forms for the Gallery to make uploading easier.

1) First fill out and pay using the “Online Gallery Artist Payment” button.

2) Submit your artwork by clicking on the button below.

This year’s Gallery Show will run October 1 – 31

Our Oldfield Show website will showcase each of you and your work just as if you had a booth in our show. 

  • You will have a photo of you & your work on the home page.
  • The patrons will click on your photo and a minimum of 5 pieces (max 15 pieces) that are for sale will pop up along with your bio, video, links, etc. 
  • The links will be to your web page and all your personal social media sites.
  • The deadline for entry into the online gallery is August 15th. We are sorry but there will be no exceptions to the deadline, as our webmaster needs time to enter the information. 


There will be only one charge for the online Gallery show of $150 per artist and no commission from any online sales ~ just as if you were at a show and paying for a booth. You will also be handling your own sales. There will be a form for the patrons to fill out as they want to purchase a piece and a copy will come directly to you. There will be no hidden additional costs of maintaining the web site throughout the show. That includes setting up all your photos and links and promoting the show. This will be handled by our Advertising Agency and Webmaster. 


Patrons will be able to choose their favorite Gallery piece for Peoples’ Choice. This award will be presented on October 31st at our closing ceremony! 


To be included in our online gallery, please fill out the form by clicking on the button below. 

  • Please note that your personal information is secure. We require a bio of up to 500 Words, a photo of you, 5-15 pieces of artwork for sale (with Price, title, size and medium noted), and a payment of $150 to be able to submit this form. 
  • Optionally you can include links to your web page, social media accounts, and a short video (no longer than 3 min please). 
  • Please be sure that all artwork for sale has a title, size, medium and price listed.
  • The deadline is August 15th! 

Good News!!!  We will be able to accommodate a limited number of “Artists in Action” in your own displays, in the Heritage Center. It will be on a first come first serve basis. Click here for info.   

Online Auctions

  • Oct 1-10 –The Miniature Auction – maximum size 11 x 14 or 9” or smaller for sculptures and The Fred Oldfield Western Heritage & Art Center Benefit Auction 
  • Oct 9 – The Major Auction – Live & Online – large and major new works.
  • To participate in any of our auctions please fill out the separate auction form and attach photos of your work (Click here). Please include Title, Size, Medium, and Minimum Opening Bid. Optionally you may include a story about your piece. We may share the story while live broadcasting on Saturday night.

    Major & Miniature Auction Requirements

    • Major & Miniature Auction Pieces will be screened and displayed online by color photos.  
    • 30% Commission. 
    • Two (2) pieces per artist may be submitted for each auction. You will be notified of which pieces have been accepted. 
    • Absolutely NO lithographs and/or prints will be accepted.
    • The maximum size for the miniature pieces is 11 x 14 or smaller for paintings, 9” or smaller for sculptures. 
    • You may set a minimum bid on any auction item. However, we reserve the right to reject any item that has, what we feel is, an unreasonable minimum. All Major pieces will have an automatic minimum bid of $100. All Miniature pieces will have an automatic minimum bid of $50 unless you specify a higher amount. 

    The deadline is August 15th. 

    Benefit Auction Requirements

    These pieces may consist of originals and prints. The artwork will be auctioned along with the mini Auction with the designation of the artists donation. All proceeds will benefit the children’s Experience Art” program at the Fred Oldfield Western Heritage & Art Center. 

    100% Donation on Prints ~ 50% Donation on originals! 

    You may specify a Minimum Opening Bid on your originals.

    Please let us know if you’d like to donate more than 50% on your originals.                                                 

    The Kids Thank You for your Generosity!

    The deadline is August 15th.


    Other Auction Details

    • All the Auction Sales will be handled through the Heritage Center and we will charge a commission and mail you a check after the close of the show. There will not be a set-up fee. We will need your Auction Photos by August 15th!!! 
    • This year you will have the option to keep your major pieces at home and you handle the shipping arrangements. We will charge a shipping fee for you.  
    • If you can deliver or ship your pieces, so the patrons can view them in person, then your Auction items must be delivered or shipped to us by Sept 15th. 
    • There will be an Auction Preview Party at the Fred Oldfield Western Heritage and Art Center on October 2nd, and a Live Major Auction on October 9th.  
    • Best of Show will be awarded for artwork in the Major Auction, voted on by your peers. Awards are for Oil, Water Media, Pastel, Sculpture, and other media. Awards will be presented on Saturday, October 9th, during the Live broadcast. We encourage all Artists to attend and meet the Patrons. 
    1. Mail to Joella Oldfield, 525 Broadway #301, Tacoma WA 98402 
    2. Hand Deliver to Fred Oldfield Western Heritage & Art Center, 110 9th Ave SW, Puyallup WA (Please call and set up a time to deliver paintings as the center is not open every day. 253-752-9708) 
    Best of Show will be awarded for artwork in the Major Auction, voted on by your peers. Awards are for Oil, Water Media, Pastel, Sculpture, and other media. Awards will be presented on Saturday, October 9th, during the Live broadcast. We encourage all Artists to attend and meet the Patrons.