Homeschool Craft Drop-in Program

  • Weekly group hosted by Niccole Owens
  • Meets every Thursday from 4pm – 6pm
  • Open to all homeschool students ages 12 – 17

This weekly, drop-in crafting session is free to all students but a liability form must be filled in by guardians on the first day of a student’s attendance. This form is linked below! This can also be filled out at our facility.

Homeschool crafting sessions puyallup

Students can bring craft supplies for projects they are currently working on. Supplies may be available at our facility depending on the student’s needs.

Please chat with Niccole at the end of each week to see if we have supplies needed for the following week’s gathering.

From Niccole ~

In years past quilting circles were a way for people to get together and bond while making something they enjoy. They gave people a sense of community and belonging. In today’s day and age, the only opportunity for teens like that are team sports but sports aren’t for every kid.

A teen crafting circle would give teens interested in handicrafts a place to go where they can be with other teens like them. It would promote the exchange of well-loved hobbies and support for those trying something new. In an increasingly digital world, the youngest generation is looking for non-digital outlets. If we can bring these teens together and help them see that there are others that have the same interests, we can create bonds that will only strengthen their love for the arts.”

Code of Conduct

Be kind
Be respectful
Phone on silent during craft time
Snacks – no nuts are allowed
Drinks with lids allowed
No bullying
Pick up is 6pm promptly
Keep hands to yourself
Volume at a talking level – other classes will be happening at the same time

Homeschool crafting sessions puyallup