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The Fred Oldfield Western Heritage & Art Center is a Year Round Venue located inside the Red Gate at the Washington State Fair Grounds. We have on permanent collection numerous original Fred Oldfield Paintings, hundreds of artifacts depicting life in the old west in the 1920’s and 1930’s, and an extensive Native American Basket and artifacts collection. We host numerous Cultural Events and display guest artist work throughout the year. We also house an art school for Children of all ages and adults. We have ongoing classes starting in October and running through May of each year, as well as art camps during the summer. We welcome classrooms for field trips and an art project. We rent our hall for any number of Old West themed events, and we have a gift shop filled with local artisans work. Come see us anytime of the year, or drop in and say “Hi” while visiting the Washington State Fair and Spring Fair!

Our Vision

  • The Heritage Center houses a permanent collection of Fred Oldfield paintings, sketches and memorabilia.
  • It serves as an interactive resource of information on the artist, his life, and his vision of Western life as portrayed in his works.
  • It provides a permanent historical and cultural experience that is exciting and instructive.
  • The Heritage Center’s visual/audio exhibits of our Western Heritage will include the life and times of our pioneers, cowboys, native Americans and settlers who helped define the 20th Century.
  • The Heritage Center houses and makes available to the public, recordings of Fred’s memories with his colorful stories. Stories of his adventures riding in covered wagons, living on the reservation, being a working cowboy, barn storming through Alaska, building an Indian Village and living his life as an artist.
  • Fred Oldfield will teach select classes and seminars. He will share his painting techniques, his zest for life, his knowledge of survival in the art world and his incomparable gift of living life with a full cup.
  • The Center will invite students of all ages and economic situations. It will offer scholarships to students on ability, not on academic achievement. Guest artists will teach and share the latest techniques and mediums.
  • The Center forms a lasting partnership with the public to portray and share a diverse and evolving culture that is quickly vanishing. The Center can be enjoyed today and will be enjoyed by future generations.

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If you were looking for the Wit, Wisdom, Opinions, and Commentaries of Fred Oldfield (unrelated) you probably were looking for www.fredoldfield.com. As long as you are here we hope you will bookmark our site and come back and get to know us.