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The Oldfield Art Show, Western Art Advisory Baord

In Memoriam


July 24, 1934 — March 16, 2019


April 24, 1934 – May 20, 2019

This has been a year of loss for the art community and for each of us who cherished our friendships with these two amazing talented artists.

They taught us a great deal about courage as they both fought their illnesses with sheer determination as they continued to paint and create their masterpieces. Their legacy of artwork will be enjoyed by art lovers for generations to come. They were both talented, kind, wise, generous and funny men who will always be fondly remembered.

Don Crook was known as the “Norman Rockwell of Western Art”. He earned that title by painting everyday experiences that people relate to. His attention to detail and his exquisite pastel work captured the imagination and hearts of many with his paintings.

Robert Walton’s extensive mountain climbing experience enabled him to portray the rugged scenes that he loved to paint.  He painted with powerful brush strokes, vivid colors and unsurpassed realism which led the viewer into the painting and its story.

It is hard to imagine what Heaven must be like with all our talented friends and loved ones there but remember them whenever you see a beautiful sunrise or sunset! Please keep your hearts full of your own wonderful memories of Don and Bob!

May God Bless Don Crook and Robert Walton!!