Entertainment Highlights will include:

• Live Auctions with Steve Mitzner Friday night & Saturday night starting at 6:00 pm, and Sunday at 1:00 pm

• Wine & Cheese reception both Friday and Saturday night beginning at 5:00 pm!

• Live Quick Draws Friday and Saturday night beginning at 5:00 pm and ending at 6:00 pm

• “Rainier 2 Cylinder” Tractor Club with their display of tractors & equipment

• The Rockin HW with Alan Halvorson, Ramon Selby and Michael Whitaker

• Greg Parke and his one man band

• Denny Dargan and his country music

• Richard Mazza Flute Playing

• The Kingdom Singers Gospel Hour Sunday morning at 9:00 am


Rockin’ HW

The three of them have a common interest and this is preserving the cowboy tradition through song and poetry. Alan Halvorson sings of the old west and of the modern day cowboy. Morry Walter recites poetry and Michael Whitaker writes and recites his own work and has even written a book which he named “The Gathering.” They have shared their songs and poetry with many people and at many places. So, if you have a little time enjoy a journey through the ol’ west with the boys from the Rockin’ HW.

Greg Parke 

Greg Parke gives the term “one man band” a whole new meaning. Using custom built acoustic and electric MIDI guitars, sound modules and loopers, he is able to create an amazingly full sound that seems more like a whole stage full of musicians rather than just one person, all done in real time, with no pre-recorded backing tracks. Combine that with his rich, captivating voice, a very spontaneous and entertaining sense of humor, and you are guaranteed a show that you won’t soon forget!

Richard Mazza

Richard started carving in 2004. He has entered numerous shows and has been awarded many awards for his work. His carving mediums range from wood to stone. Richard carves by hand, whimsical houses from cottonwood bark, relief carvings, walking sticks and canes. He also does woodburning and painting. Richard carves Native American style flutes out of more than thirty species of wood, and they are all concert tuned to the pentatonic scale. Richard plays his flutes at various gatherings in both the northwest and southwest.

Denny Dargan

Denny Dargan has been playing Traditional Country music since he was 16.  He was an Army  Medic in Viet Nam and also spent 10 years as a Pierce County Sheriff.  Just sit back and enjoy Denny’s music as he loves sharing his musical talents with all of you.