Awards & Scholarships

Best Art Display

2015 – Ken Hurley (yes he won 2 awards)
2014 – Hulan Fleming
2013 – Naomi Gray


Best of Show Winners

These awards are given to the piece that receives the most votes cast by the artists.

Oil – Hulan Fleming
Watercolor – Ken Hurley
Other Media – Bev Plum
Sculpture – Jerry Snodgrass

Oil: Valerie Yost
Watercolor: Rick Urdahl
Other Media: Carl Seyboldt
Sculpture: Ron Adamson

Oil – Robert Krogle
Watercolor – Dave Bartholet
Other Media – Bill Conant
Sculpture – Jerry Snodgrass

Oil – Robert Walton
Watercolor – Floyd Drown
Other Media – Marilyn Manwaring
Sculpture – Walter Massey

Oil – Naomi Gray
Watercolor – Dave Bartholet
Other Media – Julie Thompson
Sculpture – Sandra Hiller

Oil – Kyle Paliotto
Watercolor – Dave Gressard
Other Media – Jerri Shrader
Sculpture – Margie Jackson

Oil – Robert  Raymond
Watercolor – Rick Urdahl
Other Media – Judy Fairley
Sculpture – Tim Sullivan

Oil – Bob Walton
Watercolor – Peter X O’Brien
Other Media – Sandra Hiller
Sculpture – Ron  Adamson

Oil – Janyce  Sukow
Watercolor – Marilyn  Manwaring
Other Media – Bev Plum
Sculpture – Ron Adamson



The Richards/Patron of the Year Award

How many of you know about this award?  It was established to remember the Richards who were great patrons of the arts supporting established artists and new artists alike.  They always were there to not only purchase art but to encourage the artists!  This award is our way of saying Thank You to the Richards and to the many folks who have followed their lead in supporting the arts and the artists!

1989 – Leo & Winnie Wenzel, Seattle, WA
1990 ~ Bill & Mary Lancaster, Seattle, WA
1991 ~ Russell & Barbara Stone, Polson, MT
1992 ~ Ed & Mary Talbot, Seattle, WA
1993 ~ Mel & Dottie Jackson, Battleground, WA
1994 ~ Bob & Sally Praegitzer, Independence, OR
1995 ~ Lanny & Carole Wigren, Careywood, ID
1996 ~ Ray & Susie Renz, Post Falls, ID
1997 ~ Jim & Joanne Harkin, Spokane, WA
1998 ~ Ed & Sandy Linder, Lakewood, WA
1999 ~ Ron & Billie Dean Morrison, Tucson, AZ
2000 ~ Curt Campbell, Spokane, WA
2001 ~ Doreen Ligrano, Eatonville, WA
2002 ~ John & Mary Catherine Manley, Fircrest, WA
2003 ~ Jim & Kathy Bennett, Aumsville, OR
2004 ~ Sam & Patti Kyle, Sequim, WA
2005 ~ Skeet Jensen & Karen Cota, Tacoma, WA
2006 ~ Wayne & Joanne Jorgensen, Tacoma, WA
2007 ~ Joel & Lisa Ligrano, Puyallup, WA
2008 ~ Ren & Kathy Martin, Puyallup, WA
2009 ~ Lyle & Lois Boyd, Pt. Orchard, WA
2010 ~ Alan & Joan Tonnon, Bellevue, WA
2011 ~ Robert & Becky Miller, Yakima, WA
2012 ~ Jim & Jean Boyd, Gig Harbor, Wa
2013 ~ Mike & Kathleen Archbold, Tacoma, WA
2014 ~ Ken & Terry Johnson
2015 ~ Steve & Jeri Mitzner

Volunteer of the Year

This award is given by the Board of Directors to a volunteer who has generously given their time and talents throughout the year.

  • 2015 Bill & Mary Wolfe
  • 2014 Darrell Cota & Karen Cota
  • 2013 Rosemary Dye & Lindsay Elliott
  • 2012 Jack Goforth ~ Bonney Lake, WA
  • 2011 Joanne & Wayne Jorgensen, Tacoma, WA
  • 2010 Jennifer Marshall, Bonney Lake, WA
  • 2009 Glennis Golden, Federal Way, WA
  • 2008 Skeet Jensen, Tacoma, WA

Nancy McLaughlin Award

The Nancy McLaughlin award is given annually to the female artist judged the most versatile in artistic talent. The award consists of a medallion and a certificate and is presented to the winning artist on Saturday night.

The award is given in the name of western artist Nancy McLaughlin (1932-1985). Ms. McLaughlin considered herself a sculptor first but she also worked in oil paint, watercolor, etching, dry-point, graphite, pastel, lithograph and serigraph. She was truly a versatile multi-media artist. This year’s award will be given by Marc and Linda McIntosh of Spokane. This award is sponsored by McLaughlin collectors Marc and Linda McIntosh and Ms. McLaughlin’s former agent, Jay Moynahan.

This year the City of Spokane Valley was the recipient of a Nancy McLaughlin heroic size statue. The statue “Harvest Time on the Big Missoula” was installed north of CenterPlace at Mirabeau Point Park and was a gift of the Spokane Valley Arts Council.

McLaughlin Award Artist

  • 2015 Sandra Haynes
  • 2014 Marilyn Manwaring
  • 2013 Bev Plum
  • 2012 Jerri Shrader
  • 2011 Judy Fairley
  • 2010 Gabe Gabel

The Jennifer Marshall Scholarship

This scholarship is given to two young aspiring art students each year. It is given to honor the memory of Jennifer Marshall who was an avid volunteer of the Fred Oldfield Western Heritage & Art Center. The recipients of this scholarship are chosen by Darrell Cota, Jennifer’s life partner and his sister Karen Cota, Jennifer’s close friend.

  • 2015 Logan Grieve
  • 2014: Violet Broeker
  • 2013: Solomon Broeker
  • 2012 Jacob Chung & Grace Broeker
  • 2011 Elizabeth Bones Moore & Eliana Swindler
  • 2010 Grant Broeker & Rachel Broeker

The Joanne Kay Cramer Scholarship

This scholarship is given to a young aspiring art student in honor of Joanne Cramer who was an amazing artist and a lifelong friend of the Oldfield family. Joanne was a teacher for many years and it is only fitting that this scholarship will benefit a young art student. The award was made possible by Joanne’s dedicated husband Jay Cramer and their family.

  • 2015 Fiona Hall
  • 2014: Logan Grieve
  • 2013: Doran Nims
  • 2012 David Douglass
  • 2011 Richard Broeker